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Футбольные хулиганы фото

Футбольные хулиганы фото @ 06-04-2009 17:25:13
Футбольные хулиганы фото @ 30-10-2008 09:01:55

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Фанат ЦСКА @ 17.09.2009 (17:39:40)
хулиганы!не воюйте клуб на клуб.а лучше мочите черных оккупантов!

ЭЖАК @ 22.06.2010 (01:03:23)

ЭЖАК @ 22.06.2010 (01:03:41)

Indy @ 27.04.2016 (02:37:20)
Back in the 60's, it took patrols by armed black citizens to keep racist bombers and lynch mobs out of some black neoodborhgihs. White law enforcement officials simply refused to do their jobs so it was up to the private patrols to protect themselves and their neighbors. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema needs reminding that sometimes the 'State' doesn't do what it's supposed to and when that happens citizens have the right to take their own action.

Malerie @ 28.04.2016 (16:51:26)
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Maggie @ 28.04.2016 (22:53:23)
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