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Ritu @ 19.06.2015 (15:24:51)
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Mrr @ 20.06.2015 (07:55:50)
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Jelena @ 28.06.2015 (12:57:00)
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Pete @ 01.07.2015 (09:25:14)
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Scout @ 27.04.2016 (01:25:22)
It's like you're on a misiosn to save me time and money!

Melia @ 28.04.2016 (19:54:38)
I also read and loved the way the his leadership was exposed in a way and light that that is less seen. It is a very different type of leadership book than let’s say a John Maxwell, but just as enjoyable. It was a bit like C. Powell’s leadership book a few years ago. Anyhow I highly recommend Billy Graham’s book.Keep up the good work MikPoeast.rMike4JC